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Title Date Download/Link
Social Imapact Assessment Metro 07/08/2018 Download(48 KB)
Social Impact Assessment OMX 07/08/2018 Download(59 KB)
Transfer Order From BSA Office 20/07/2018 Download(3 MB)
Social Impact Assessment A.N.S 18/07/2018 Download(41 KB)
SIA District Collector Lucknow 11/07/2018 Download(622 KB)
Social Impact Assessment Urdu Arbi Farsi University Lucknow 07/06/2018 Download(49 KB)
RTI Election 02/06/2018 Download(2 MB)
Public Notice From BSA Office 26/05/2018 Download(31 KB)
Public Notice From District Collector 30/05/2018 Download(55 KB)
Metro Social Impact Assessment 30/05/2018 Download(78 KB)