Documents related to government notifications, orders, reports, guidelines and more appear here. Documents are uploaded here in PDF format and option is available to download them.

Title Date Download/Link
SIA Maleshe Mau 08/07/2019 Download(564 KB)
SIA Omax 28/06/2019 Download(39 KB)
SIA Notification 01/06/2019 Download(84 KB)
SIA Mohanlal ganj 17/05/2019 Download(2 MB)
SIA Commando Training Centre 25/03/2019 Download(814 KB)
Final Report -SIA Lucknow (Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti U.A.F.U) 13/03/2019 Download(4 MB)
Foreign Shop List-2019-20 For E-Lottery 23/02/2019 Download(389 KB)
Model shop List-2019-20 For E-Lottery 23/02/2019 Download(279 KB)
Beer List-2019-20 For E-Lottery 23/02/2019 Download(879 KB)
Desi Model Shop-2019-20 For E-Lottery 23/02/2019 Download(499 KB)