Tourist Places

Chhota Imambara
Chhota ImamBara

It serves as a gallery for display of life size portraits of the Nawabs of Awadh. There are around 30…

Bada Imam (BadaBhul Bhulayyan)
Bada Imam Bara

Its central hall is said to be the largest vaulted chamber in the world. Except for the galleries in the…

Rumi Gate

  Lucknow, the seat of the nawabs of Awadh, is home to several magnificent monuments. The 60 feet high Rumi…

Ghanta Ghar

Husainabad Clock Tower is a clock tower located in the city of Lucknow. It was built in 1881 by Nawab…


The British Residency of Lucknow is a famous historical landmark of this place. It is now in ruins and has…