State Government Department

S.N Department_name Department_address
1 Joint Agricultural Director, Lucknow Board 3rd Floor, Agri Bhawan Madan Mohan Malviya Marg, Lucknow
2 Superintending engineer, research and planning board -4 Cantt Road, Udayganj Lucknow
3 Superintending Engineer, Tubal Research and Planning Board Pookari Bridge World Bank Colony Alambagh
4 DG Medical & Health Health Building Lucknow
5 City malaria unit Station Road Lucknow
6 Child Woman Clinic & Maternity Home Silver Jubilee Jagat Narayan Road Lucknow
7 State medical law cell Aishabagh Lucknow
8 Child Woman Clinic Complex From 0C Aliganj Lucknow
9 Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Immunity Red Cross Building Kaiserbagh Lucknow
10 Block education officer Kakori
11 Block education officer Sarojini Nagar
12 Block education officer BK K T
13 Block education officer Malihabad
14 Block education officer Mohanlalganj
15 Block education officer goods
16 Silver jubilee health school From 0C Aliganj Lucknow
17 Sammu Swa 0 Center Goods goods
18 State women polytechnic Faizabad Road Lucknow
19 Lucknow Polytechnic Kanpur road opposite Krishna Nagar Kotwali
20 Heavyweight Polytechnic Metropolitan Lucknow
21 Political Polytechnic Lucknow Faizabad Road Lucknow
22 Principal, Mahamaya State School Mahona B K T Lucknow
23 Superintendent, State Ayurvedic and Unani Medicine Manufacturing Mohan Road, Near Tikaiyara Pond, Lucknow
24 District Tuberculosis Officer State TB Clinic Rajendra Nagar Lucknow
25 Joint husbandry director, fertile section Krishi Bhavan Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
26 Regional higher education officer Memorial Park near Sector M Aasthana Lucknow
27 Regional Land Test (Soil Testing / Culture) Anandnagar Alambagh
28 Jute section agricultural building Madan Mohan Malviya Marg Lucknow
29 Director general of Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Research Council Eighth Floor Kisan Mandi Bhawan Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar Lucknow
30 Sub divisional agricultural publicity officer 3rd Floor Agricultural Bhavan Madan Mohan Malviya Marg Lucknow
31 District agricultural protection officer Kariappa Marg Government Park Anand Nagar Alamgad
32 State Council of Passing and College Chopatia Lakhnau
33 Urban Community Health Centers B MMC Aliganj Lucknow
34 District leprosy officer Chandernagar, Lucknow
35 Section education officer Gausaiganj
36 Soil survey officer Anandnagar Alambagh
37 Superintendent Child Woman Clinic & Maternity Home Aishbagh Lucknow
38 State Agricultural Management Institute, Rahman Kheda Kakori Hardoi road Lucknow
39 Deputy Chief Concern Officer Urban Aishbagh Lucknow
40 Surveillance section, agricultural directorate Madan Mohan Malviya Marg Lucknow
41 Power transport and civil engineering unit Medical and Health Services, Health Building
42 Regional Ayurvedic and Unani Office Offices District Panchayat Bhawan Second Floor Kaiserbagh Lucknow
43 Directorate of Agriculture and Agriculture Foreign Trade 4th Floor Kisan Mandi Bhawan Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar Lucknow
44 District Malaria Officer Office NKK Road Hazratganj Lucknow
45 Assistant marketing officer 4th Floor Kisan Mandi Bhawan Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar Lucknow
46 Community Health Center BKK Lucknow
47 Additional agricultural director expansion Kausi Bhavan Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
48 Chief concern officer’s office Deen Dayal Upadhyay Bhawan is situated in the city of Kaiserbagh Lucknow
49 Director of State Health and Family Welfare Institute Indira Nagar Lucknow in front of Eram School
50 Additional Agriculture Director Agriculture Defense Agricultural building laknau
51 Upper agricultural director of oilseeds and pulses Isopam section Kushi Bhawan Lucknow
52 Joint agricultural director dissemination education and training Vishwa Vidyalaya Marg Lucknow
53 Deputy Agricultural Director Agriculture Defense State Park Anandnagar Alambagh
54 Deputy Chief Medical Officer’s First Office Hazratganj Lucknow
55 Principal, State G.B. Pant polytechnic Mewar Road near Wadheshwar crossroads Lucknow
56 State health institute Sector-C, Aliganj Lucknow
57 Sugarcane and sugar commissioner, New Beri Road, Dalibagh, Lucknow
58 Animal husbandry directorate Gokarnanath road Badshahbagh
59 State public analyst laboratory Sector C. Aliganj Lucknow
60 Additional Director Grade 2 Animal Husbandry Department Directorate of animal husbandry
61 Chief Medical Superintendent T.B. The hospital Thakur Ganj Lucknow
62 Deputy Director, (Zone) Animal Husbandry Department Behind Karamat College, Metropolitan Lucknow
63 Veerangana Avanti Women’s Hospital Gola Ganj Lucknow
64 Chief veterinary officer Vikas Bhavan Sarvodaya Nagar Lucknow
65 Child laboratory and maternity home Indira Nagar Lucknow
66 Community Health Center Sarojini Nagar Lucknow
67 Production training and production centers Animal husbandry-Chandrika Devi diversion Bakshi pond
68 Superintendent Child Woman Clinic & Maternity Home NKK Road Hazratganj Lucknow
69 Additional Director of Grade 2 Animal Biological Medicine Badshah Bagh Lucknow
70 Registrar of Uttar Pradesh Veterinary Council Badshah Bagh Lucknow
71 Superintending engineer computer center Cantt Road Uday Ganj Lucknow
72 Executive Engineer Research and Planning Block Room No. 10 Irrigation Annexe Lucknow
73 Central Supply and Storage Supplies Mandal-2, Unit-6, Ganga Sichai Bhawan Telibag
74 Deputy Agricultural Director Deputy Agricultural Director Third Floor Agricultural Bhawan Lucknow
75 Central Conservancy and Storage Implements – 1 Unit-3, Ganga Sachi Bhawan Teli Bagh
76 State Insurance College, Kanpur Road Near Old Chungi Sarojini Nagar Literacy Niketan
77 Block education officer (city area) 58 Nariyan Road Education Bhavan Pragnan
78 Executive Engineer Inventory Control Section, ah. Distribution Ganga Sichai Bhawan Teli Bagh
79 Child laboratory and maternity home Chandar Nagar Alambagh Lucknow
80 Research and Planning Group-5 Sichai Bhawan Annexe Lucknow
81 Central Supply and Storage Supplies Unit-7, Ganga Sichai Bhawan Telibag Lucknow
82 Research and Planning Unit-9 Sichai Bhawan Annexe Lucknow
83 Research & Planning Board-3-Unit-8 Sichai Bhawan Annexe Lucknow
84 Plan cell Sichai Bhawan Annexe Lucknow
85 Executive Engineer Survey and Research Section Sichai Bhawan Annexi Uday Ganj Cantt Road
86 Executive Engineer Coordinating & Investigation Section Telibag Pariklop Bhavan Lucknow
87 Superintending Engineer Setu calculator Section-1 Ln. 96 MG route Hazratganj Lucknow
88 Executive Engineer irrigation construction block first Valmiki Campus Vellaiya Telibag Lucknow
89 Chief Forest Conservator Social Forestry, Planning Agriculture Forestry 17 Rana Pratap Marg Headquarters Department Headquarters
90 Executive Engineer Setu Design Clause 11 L. N.V., 96 MG Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow
91 Executive Engineer Property Controller Section Valmiki Campus Vellaiya Telibag Lucknow
92 Superintending Engineer, Law-3 Public Works Department 9 6, M.G. Marg Hazratganj Lucknow
93 Superintending engineer irrigation workshop board 4/532 Vivek Khand Gomti Nagar Lucknow
94 Superintendent engineer tenth document Public Works Department Lucknow
95 Central Conservancy and Warehousing Organization Unit-1 Ganga Sichai Bhawan Telibag Lucknow
96 Executive Engineer, H. R. D. Training cell L. N.V. Office of the Chief Engineer Lucknow
97 Executive Engineer, Saagram and Other Village Contact Road Saigra and Other Village Link Road Public Works
98 Superintending Engineer Drainage Observational Division Lucknow Block no 4 scheme near city Hardoi road near Parra police station
99 Tubal Research and Planning Unit-1 Pukri ka Pul Alamgag Lucknow
100 Executive Engineer Route Section Section 3 Folk Producer 96 MG route Hazratganj Lucknow
101 Executive Engineer Marg survey clause 4 Public Works Department 96 MG Road Hazratganj Lucknow
102 Executive Engineer Electrical Maintenance Volume-2 Jawahar Bhawan Seventh Floor Public Works Department
103 Executive Engineer Setu Model 12 Public Works Department 96 MG Road Hazratganj Lucknow
104 Superintending Engineer, Setu hypothesis Section-2 (Ram) L. N.V. Construction Building Lucknow
105 Superintendent of Police, A.N.E. (V.) L. N. Jawahar Bhawan Seventh Floor Room 724 Lucknow
106 Executive Engineer Road Survey Section 6 Public Works Department 96 MG Road Hazratganj Lucknow
107 Superintending Engineer Public Works Department Lucknow 30th (vs. /) News Public Works Department Lucknow
108 Executive Engineer, Road Asset Management Department L. N.V. 96 mg road
109 Superintending Engineer Lucknow Circle Lt. N.V. 96 MG route Hazratganj Lucknow
110 Superintending Engineer 17th (V.A.) Circle Ln.V. Lakhan 96 MG route Hazratganj Lucknow
111 Chief Engineer, Central Zone, Ln.V. 96 MG route Hazratganj Lucknow
112 Superintending Engineer, 39th Circle Take it N V. Jawahar Bhawan Lucknow
113 Srp0_2 circle world back Take it N Vs. 96 mg road Hazratganj
114 Maintenance block-3. Located at Jawahar Bhawan Stand Floor
115 Amused entertainment tax 818- Jawahar Bhawan Ashok Marg
116 Construction Section-3 (P.P.) Take it N V. M.G. Road
117 Superintending engineer building circle Lo 0 N Lucknow
118 Construction Section-2, Lo. 96 mg road Hazratganj
119 Supervisor Engineer Maintenance Section 1 Civil M g road
120 Superintending engineer world back clause 1 Lo 0 N Lucknow
121 Superintending engineer mechanical segment Lo 0 N Lucknow
122 Superintending engineer, north-west L. N.V. 96 mg route Lucknow
123 National road segment Lo 0 N Lucknow
124 Superintending Engineer, Research and Planning Division-2 Uday Ganj, Cantt Road
125 Chief Minister’s Legislative Observatory Cell IGRS-Lo 0 Nil Lucknow
126 Monument Collection Community park Chief Administrator.Bhavana Ramabai Ambe.Madan Sharda Nagar
127 Superintending engineer general information cell Lo 0 N Lucknow
128 Small put canal segment Sichai Department 3/435 A Trust Block 3 Gomti Nagar
129 Superintending engineer dispute, ltd. 9 6 mg route
130 Executive Engineer Planning-3 Lo 0 N Lucknow
131 Project Policy and Planning Cell Lo 0 N Lucknow
132 Superintending Engineer Technical Cell 1 Lo 0 N Lucknow
133 State water resources agency Surface Valmy Building, Wethetia
134 Divisional Director Training Information and Reporting Charge Room No. 303 Teetha Floor U.P. One Corporation
135 Executive Engineer, Lucknow Section Sharda Canal Telibag Lucknow
136 Chief Forest Guard Promotions Wildlife sanctuary Rana Pratap Marg
137 Chief Forest Conservator Human Resource Development 17-Rana Pratap Marg
138 Chief conservator of forests 17-Rana Pratap Marg
139 Chief forest guard planning Rana Pratap Marg
140 Chief Forest Conservation Work Plan, Wildlife House From Sheshmabagh Indira City
141 Divisional Forest Officer Courtesy One Resource Survey Arana Bhawan 17-Rana Pratap Marg
142 Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (Head of the Department) Forest Department 17-Rana Pratap Marg
143 Chief Forest Guard Lucknow Circle 21/475, Indira Nagar
144 Divisional Monsoon Awadh Forest Division 21/475, Indira Nagar Lucknow
145 Chief Conservator of Forests (Administration) 17-Rana Pratap Marg
146 Superintending engineer, seventh division, irrigation work Sarojini Naidu Marg, near Ghoda Hospital
147 Executive Engineer, Planning and Project Section-2 Irrigation buildings, annexe
148 Central planning directorate Irrigation Department Parikalp Bhavan, Teli Bagh
149 UP Projects Corporation Ltd. Unit-8 19-Maruti Pooram, Faizabad Road, Lucknow
150 Executive Engineer, Research and Planning Division-6 Unit 3 Irrigation Building, Annexe
151 Superintending Engineer, Research and Planning Flood Circle Irrigation buildings, annexe
152 Small irrigation and water use Training Center Bakshi pond
153 Superintending Engineer, Drainage Board, Irrigation Department Block-5 scheme near Parbari police station near Nagar Hardoi road
154 Superintending Engineer, Research and Planning Division-3 Irrigation buildings, annexe
155 Central Supply and Storage Supplies Unit-4 irrigation building, Teli Bagh
156 Main forest guardian area Shyambaug Indira Nagar from Aranyas Sadan
157 Central Conservation and Storage Estimation Organization-1 Unit-2 Ganga Sichai Bhawan Telibag
158 Director of management Uttam Van Corporation 21/475 Ranchi Vikas Bhawan Indira Nagar
159 Superintending engineer, minor irrigation circle A-2 / 12D, Giant Section-2 Gomti Nagar
160 U.P.Contributor Forest Management and Poor Poverty Alleviation Shyambaug Indira Nagar from Aranyas Sadan
161 U.P. New and Renewable Energy Development (. Vibhuti block Gomti Nagar
162 Deputy director of backward class welfare 23 Canter Road Tikira House Lalbaug
163 State backward class commission 3rd Floor Indira Bhawan Ashok Marg
164 District Backward Class Welfare Officer Vikas Bhawan Indira Nagar
165 Commissioner & amp; Operator Cooperative 14-Legislative Assembly Road
166 Six Commissioner and assistant mortgage cooperative First floor development hall indira nagar
167 Treasury directorate 1018-Jawahar Bhawan
168 Superintending engineer, dispute 2 Take it N V. M.G. Road
169 Executive Engineer, Computerization Section Take it N V. 96 MG Road Hazratganj Lucknow
170 Uttar Pradesh Control Board Women and Child Development 2-Rana Pratap Marg Moti Mahal
171 Tubing research and planning unit-3 Pukri Bridge Bridge V0 IP Road Lucknow
172 Tubing research and planning unit-5 Pukri Bridge Bridge V0 IP Road Lucknow
173 Superintending Engineer, Dashasham Board irrigation work Ganga Sichai Bhawan Teli Bagh
174 District Program Officer Officer of Child Development Vikas Bhawan Sarvodaya Nagar
175 Executive engineer, irrigation clause Ganga Sichai Bhawan Teli Bagh
176 Commissioner, Food and Supplies Second Floor, Jawahar Bhawan
177 Divisional food regulator Nirala Market Nirala Nagar
178 District Food Marketing Officer Divisional Food Regulatory Authority IT Chaurah Nirala Nagar
179 Superintending engineer, tube well Irrigation Department Room No 846 8th Floor Jawahar Bhawan
180 Divisional senior accounts officer food controller Nirala Market Nirala Nagar
181 Assistant engineer, minor irrigation Vikas Bhawan, Sarvodaya Nagar
182 Superintending Engineer Rural Engineer Service (Circulation) Near chinhat block ghosipurwa indira nagar
183 Research and Planning Group-8 Unit-6 irrigation building, annexe
184 State Jubilee Inter College Near city station square
185 Executive Engineer, Nalak section, Block-1 Prag Narayan Road Lucknow
186 Principal State Inter-College Nishatganj
187 Executive engineer, minor irrigation clause 30 Chandra Lok Colony, Aliganj
188 Principals state high school Tikri BK T
189 Principals state high school Sygammou kakori
190 Chief engineer minor irrigation Third Floor, Jawahar Bhawan, Ashok Marg
191 Executive Engineer, Traffic Studies and Survey Mines Chief Engineer Office Lt. N.V. 96 mg route
192 Executive Engineer, Building Design Clause -2 L. N.V. 96 mg route
193 Secretary, agricultural production mandi committee Naveen Mandi Sath, Purania Chauraha Sitapur Road
194 Principal high school, Rahim Nagar Padiana Sirojinagar
195 Principal, State High School Sadarona Sarojini Nagar
197 Principal, State High School, Dhaurahta Gausaiganj
198 Seed and field section Directorate of Agriculture .Mdan Mohan Malviya Marg
199 Principals State High School Doorra Mohanlal Ganj
200 Principal, Political Girl Child Inter-College Sarosa trust Lucknow
201 Executive Engineer, Planning and Project Section-1 Irrigation building annexe
202 Principals state high school Kuroni sarojninagar
203 Director of joint education director Jagat Narayan Road Education Bhawan
204 Deputy education director of the middle class Jagat Narayan Road Education Bhawan
205 Principal, Government Girl Inter College SE0- 11 Development Nagar Lucknow
206 Research and planning flood circle Unit-7 irrigation building annexe
207 Principal Virangana Uddevi Political Girl Intermediate goods
208 Superintending engineer research and planning board first Irrigation Building Annexe Cantt Road Sadar
209 Principal Government Girl Inter College Flag of India
210 Research & Planning Section-2 World bank irrigation building annexe
211 Superintendent Engineer Research & Planning Division-6 Irrigation building annexe
212 Superintendent Engineer Monitoring Cell Irrigation building annexe
213 Research and planning flood circle Unit-10 Irrigation Building Annexe
214 College of teacher education 58 Jagran Narayan Road
215 Principal Government Girl Inter College Sringar Nagar, Alambag, Lucknow
216 Superintending engineer project implementation monitoring Mandal Irrigation Department Cantt Road
217 State Girl Inter College, Shawhamina Road KGMC Road,
218 Executive Engineer Unit-4 Research and Planning Circle- 2 irrigation building annexe
219 Principals state high school Village Baghulgi Po Kavali Gosaiiganj
220 Principals state high school Goshalpur kakori
221 Principal political high school Haluapur Kaakori
222 Principals state high school Barehata Mohanlalganj
223 Principals state high school Betty sarojninagar
224 Principal school girl high school Stocking goods
225 Principal political high school Pahadpur BK T
226 Principals state high school Khanatari BK T
227 Principal Government Girl Inter College Vinay Khand Char Gomti Nagar
228 Principal Government Girl Inter College From 011 Indira Nagar Gayatri Market
229 Principal, Government Uttar Pradesh Military Inter-Collegiate Sarojini Nagar
230 Monitoring and Evaluation Unit-3 Irrigation Department Scheme Nagar Hardoi Road Mercury Station
231 Principal Government Girl Inter College Noir
232 Superintending Engineer IDS Circle LA 0 Nine 96 Mahatma Gandhi Marg
233 Principal District Education & Training Center Nishatganj
234 Read book officer Vidya Bhavana Nishatganj
235 Executive Engineer, Technical Field-15 Take it Ni V. 96 mg. Route laknau
236 State Educational Technology Institute Nishatganj
237 Principal Ameenabad Inter-College Aminabad
238 Temporary departmental construction unit (v / or.) Take it N V. Indira Bhawan Basemant
239 Sub-inscriptive Sanskrit school Jagat Narayan Road Education Bhawan
240 Principal Pragati Ashram High School Balaganj Campal Road
241 Chief Engineer, Eastern Rural Engineering Department Ghosi Pura near Vikas Bhawan Sarvodaya Nagar Indira Nagar
242 Chief Engineer West Rural Engineer Ghosi Pu Sarvodaya Nagar Indira Nagar
243 Office bearer, office Picture Gallery Bilding Near Bari Ghar Park Chowk
244 Block Education Officer Chinhat B R R C Chinhat
245 District Minority Welfare Officer Kalakate kaiserabagh
246 Principals, attempts, government, physically, perfect hair Moha road
247 Additional Director, Deendayal Upadhyaya State Village Development Agency Lake Indore garden Bakshi
248 Vice President, Lucknow Development Authority Vipin block Gomti Nagar
249 Director of minority welfare Indira Bhawan Ashok Marg
250 Executive Engineer, Construction Section 4 Housing Development Par Nilgiri Complex Indira Nagar
251 Executive Engineer, Construction Section 15 Housing Development Plan Sector 9A Vrindavan Scheme
252 Secretary UP Minority Commission Indira Bhawan
253 Fisheries directorate 7-Faizabad road Babujin
254 Deputy director fishery Faizabad Road Babujanj
255 Fisheries development corporation ltd Lekhraj Market Indira Nagar
256 Chief executive officer fishery F-28, Vikas Bhavan Savvadi Nagar Lucknow
257 Principal Secretary of State Political Dialogue Intermediate Inter Moha road
258 Principals touch political eyes Moha road
259 Superintendent of state skill development center Moha road
260 Vyasikya Political Mamta Vaghalaya Mahihan road
261 Principal Political Sign Moha road
262 Directorate of Disabled Development, Uttar Pradesh Tenth Floor Indira Bhawan
263 Director of Financial Statistics, Directorate, Uttar Pradesh Room No. 0148 Jawahar Bhawan
264 Institutional Finance Insurance and External Assistance Directorate, U.P. Legislative assembly route
265 Director of panchayati raj accounting directorate Tenth floor Floor Cell No. 0100 9 Indira Bhawan
266 Additional Chief Officer Zilla Panchayat Rajanawab Ali Road Kaiserbagh
267 Office of district provocation officer Clayette campus
268 Deputy Chief Probation Officer Lucknow Board Kent Road Tikri House
269 Superintending engineer’s division of irrigation department Behind the uptran near the Samata Basak intersection
270 Managing Project-1 Corp. State Generation Corporation Second Floor Vibhuti Segment Gomtinagar
271 Principal Circle Village Training Center Khanna Mill Compound Jain Temple Road Dalianganj
272 Office of the Clerk Commissioner Santhwa Floor Indira Bhawan
273 A. A. Directorate of Museum (inside the zoological garden) State Museum Complex Banarasi Bagh
274 Commissioner, Commerce, UP Vibhuti block Gomti Nagar
275 Deputy director construction mandi council 3rd Floor Kisan Mandi Bhawan Vibhuti Block Gomtisagar
276 Directorate, women’s welfare 842-Jawahar Bhawan
277 Directorate of environment Vineet Block-1, Gomti Nagar
278 Office of finance and numerical office Vikas Bhawan Sarvodaya Nagar
279 Director mulayankan division state planning institute Old Haidarabar Black Kankar Bhawan
280 Executive Engineer, Triennial Section (vs.) Uttar Pradesh Water Corporation, 13/566 Indira Nagar
281 Head of director of finance and number control Sarojini Naidu Marg Earth & Number Building
282 Directorate of tourism C-13, Vipin block Gomti Nagar
283 Commercial tax officer training institute 4-Vividi section of Gomti Nagar
284 Uttar Pradesh State Employees Community Insurance Directorate Vikas Deep Station Road
285 Electrical safety directorate Vividi Section-2 Gomti Nagar
286 Regional Rural Development Institute Bakshi pond, PO Indore garden
287 Bankruptcy Officer Chakbandi, District Panchayat Kaiserbagh District Panchayat office, Kaiserbagh
288 Internal Audit and Audit Directorate Kailashkunj Kailashkunj faizabad road
289 Directorate of Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh Krishi Bhavan Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
290 District Audit Officer, Co-operative Societies and Panchayats Second Floor Kailashkunj Indira Nagar Faizabad Road
291 Director, Directorate of Panchayati Raj E-6 Near Purania Chaurah Aliganj
292 Deputy Director Local Fund Audit, Station Road Station road raghuvar bhavan
293 Superintendent Community Health Center Chinatown Mallore Station Road Chinatown
294 Joint Director, Directorate of Shakybhaji, Garden, Environment 2-Sapru route Lucknow
295 Executive Engineer Building Section 14 Office Complex Vrindavan Scheme
296 Project Manager, Construction Unit First Housing Development Council 9- Vrindavan Scheme
297 Executive Engineer Construction Section 2 Housing and Development Council Bhootnath Indra Nagar
298 Executive Engineer, Tubal Construction Section 2/180 World’s Segment Gomti Nagar
299 Executive Engineer Construction Section 19 Housing and Development Council Vrindavan Scheme Sec 9
300 Superintendent, Political Child Planet Child Mohan road
301 In-charge superintendent, state women’s shelter 3-Prag Narayan Road
302 National savings directorate 2nd Floor, Vikasdeep Bhawan Station Road
303 Chief Architect, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Headquarter Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
304 Executive Engineer Bhrigag Water Development Block Mechanical Vikas Bhavan Savvod Nagar
305 Senior hydrogeologist section Vikas Bhavan Savvod Nagar
306 General Manager (Complaints) UP Director Visvesvaraya Bhawan, Vibhuti clause
307 Additional Area Manager, Maintenance Units UP 0 Vibhuti block Gomti Nagar
308 State museum Zoological Gardens, Banarasi Bagh
309 Director, Office of Unani Services Directorate 9th Floor Indira Bhawan Ashok Marg Hazratganj
310 Finance and Accounting U.P.R. Corporation Eighth floor, headquarter Vibhuti section Gomti Nagar
311 Principal and Superintendent of Police, State Ayurvedic College Tudiganj, Tulsidas Marg
312 Director of Indian toxicology research institute MG Road
313 Directorate of Geological, Geology and Mining 27/8 Rajaram Mohan Marg Mineral Building
314 Assistant Chinese Commissioner Lal Bahadur Shastri Sugarcane Kiss Dalibagh
315 Director General, Public Relations Bureau 242 Jawahar Bhawan
316 Principal State National Homoeo Medical College and As Viraj Khand-Gomti Nagar
317 District Village Industry Officer, Office 66 Shivaji Marg
318 Director of Homeopathy Directorate Indra Bhavan Ashok Marg
319 Chief chemist, quality control laboratory Khanna Mill Compound Jain Temple Road Dalianganj
320 Deputy chief executive officer territorial gram Kent Road Lucknow
321 Upper Labor Office Lucknow 23 A P Sain Road Charbagh
322 Principal District Industrial Training Center B. Baqshi pond
323 Chief garden expert Mallihabad Lucknow
324 Uttar Pradesh Social Welfare Corporation Limited Vividi Khand Gomti Nagar
325 Deputy Director Office of Development Commissioner Handicrafts Central building ali ganj
326 Executive Director, Uttar Pradesh State Employee Welfare 742 Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow
327 District Panchayat Officer Office Vikas Bhawan Indrira Nagar
328 Unit charge Arabic Persian University unit Chhathar floor complex Kaiserbagh
329 Unit Incharge Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Unit 1 Indira Gandhi Foundation, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar
330 Unit in charge, State Construction Corporation Unit 21 Vibhuti block, Gomti Nagar
331 Unit in charge UP Rajyaki Construction Corporation Ltd. Highcore New High Court Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
332 Additional Project Manager New High Court Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
333 Unit in charge, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation High Court New High Court Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
334 Additional Project Manager Lohia Hospital Unit Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital Lucknow
335 Unit Incharge, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Ltd. High New High Court Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
336 Additional Project Managing Director, State Construction Corporation Limited Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Unit 15 Sitapur Road
337 Unit-12, Q. Raj. Construction corporation ltd 4/153 Vipul Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
338 Principal Kendriya Vidyalaya SGGi Campus
339 Work Earning Unit, Uttrakhand, Ambedkar Memorial Ambedkar Memorial Site, 3/20 Huge Block Gomti Nagar
340 Unit Incharge, UP Rajyaki Construction Corporation Limited Balra Golaganj Lucknow
341 Unit charge U. Rajayki Construction Corporation Limited No waist 10 Human Rights Commission Bhawan Gomtisagar
342 Unit-10 A U. Raj. Construction Corporation Ltd. Dr. Shaku Misra National Rehabilitation V.Mohan Road
343 General Manager, Lucknow Zone 1 Raj. Construction Corporation Ltd. Ashok Marg, Near Gomti Bridge
344 Additional Project Manager Ashok Marg, Lucknow
345 Director, Uttar Pradesh State Archives B 44th Metropolitan Detail
346 Director of silk directorate Trust segment Gomti Nagar Carmichael Complex
347 Superintendent Rajya Khoan Lucknow Munavwar Bagh Annad Nagar Alambagh
348 Deputy Inspector General Karangar Lucknow Range Sampoornananda Prison Control Old Jail Road
349 Director Uttar Pradesh Institute Hindi Bhavan Six Mahatma Gandhi Road Hazratganj
350 Urdu and Oriental Languages 203/9, Nabiullah Road
351 Manager of Buddhist monastery The Bridge of Seed
352 Project Manager Gomti Pollution Control Unit Water ConsumptionSuraj Kund Park River Back Colony
353 State prohibition authority 80 9 Jawahar Bhawan
354 Regional Madhu Prohibition and Societies Officer 27 Ashok Marg
355 Headquarters of Upstate Sugarcane Commissioner New Beri Road, Dalibagh, Lucknow
356 Director secretariat training and management institute Seventh floor Jawahar Bhawan
357 Co-ordinated Planner Divisional Planning Section City and Village LDA Shapigsenitor Kapurthala Aliganj
358 Town and village planning department Headquarter, Split Zone Gomti Nagar
359 Senior inspector legal measurement science Mirza Mandi Koneshwar Temple Chowk
360 Charge inspector legal measurement science Mirageganj Mallihabad
361 Inspector legal measurement science Mohanlalganj Indian Stat Backpack
362 Secretary of State Lalit Kala Academy Lal Baradari Bhawan Lalit Kala Akademi Marg
363 Principal Government Institutional Training Institute Charbagh
364 Principal of the State Industrial Training Institute Charbagh
365 Principal Government Institutional Training Institute Mohanlalganj Bindoura
366 Units generating unit in charge Unit four KGMU campus
367 Director Remote Sensing Application Center From 0g jankiipuram
368 Inspector General of Police Pacham Floor Jawahar Bhawan Ashok Marg
369 District Magistrate / Controller of Civil Security Collective Building Kaiserbagh
370 Executive Engineer Anu & Neo Board 2 Unit 5 Irrigation building annexe
371 District Disabled Public Development Officer’s Office Panchayat Bhawan Kaiser Bagh Lucknow
372 Office of the Survey Officer Garden building complex 2 sapru route
373 Treasury Jawahar Bhawan Ashok Marg Lucknow
374 Superintending Engineer, Public Works Department World bank scheme news
375 Operator Bank Limited, Operative Bank Limited Headquarter 2 Mahatma Gandhi Marg Hazratganj
376 Executive Engineer, Take NV World Bank Clause 96 MG route Lucknow
377 Uttar Pradesh Co-operative Rural Development Bank Ltd. 10 Avenue Avenue Head Office
378 Chief Engineer, Water Corporation, Lucknow Area Suraj Kund Park near River Bank Colony
379 Financial Consultant District Panchayat Raja Nawab Ali Road Kaiserbagh
380 Executive Engineer Monitoring and Evaluation Unit-2 Para Thana scheme Nagar near Hardoi road
381 Deputy Sugarcane Commissioner, Parikhheta Lucknow Chinese corporation building Vipin block Gomti Nagar
382 Deputy Chinese Commissioner, Sugarcane and Sugar Industry Division 2/9 Vijay Segment Gomti Nagar Lucknow
383 Assistant Excise Commissioner, Commission of Excise Commissioner, Excise Commissioner Abakari Bhawan Surendranath Srivastav Marg Kaiserbagh
384 Road Survey Section-5 Public Works Department Mg road
385 Floating mechanical block-2 Low 0 vs 0.96 Mg Road
386 Managing Project 2 Uttar Pradesh Construction Corporation Ltd. Rajkhi Project 2 Cell II Floor Headquarters Gomtinagar
387 Managing Claims Cell, Uttar Pradesh Construction Corporation 2nd Floor, 208 Headquarters Building, Gammit Nagar
388 General Manager, Contract Rule Manufacturing corporation Visvesvaraya Bhawan, Vibhuti section Gomti Nagar Lucknow
389 Managing Director, Monitoring, Uttar Pradesh Construction Corporation Limited Visvesvaraya Bhavan, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
390 Company Secretary, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Seventh Floor Headquarters Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
391 Staff Officer, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Zone Ashok Marg, Lucknow
392 Electricity Zone-1, Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Headquarter Building Vibhuti Block Gomti Nagar
393 Uttar Pradesh Nigam Limited (Faizabad Zone) Near Nishat Ganj Bridge Ashok Marg Lucknow
394 Power Generation Unit-1U State Construction Corporation V. Ashok Marg near Nishatanganj Bridge
395 Deputy director, gardens Lucknow division Sector ji State Cold Grounds Complex Aliganj
396 Assistant controller legal measure science department Lucknow 7 Bala Kather Road
397 Senior inspector, legal measurement science metropolitan D-9 Shivani Bihar Kalyanpur Lucknow
398 Senior inspector, legal measurement science 7 Bala Kather Road
399 Developmental Investigation and Experiment Division, State Neo Institute Kala Kankar Bhawan Old Hatharabad
400 State Planning Institute, Uttar Pradesh (Training Division) Kalakankar Bhawan Old Hyderabad
401 General manager  gomti pradushan niyantrak unit jal nigam Suraj Kund Park River Back Colony
402 Project Manager Water Corporation G PV IV Suraj Kund Park River Back Colony
403 Joint Commissioner & Maintainer, Co-operative Lucknow Mand P.C.F. Building II Floor, 32 Station Road, Lucknow
404 Managing Director, Pickup Pickup Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
405 Supervisor Engineer II Construction Block Water Corporation Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
406 Superintending Engineer, UP Water Resources, Third Circle Third Circle Uttar Pradesh Water Corporation, Lucknow
407 State High School, Sonwa BK K T, Lucknow
408 Managing Director Uttar Pradesh State Warehousing Corporation, Bhandaran Bhawan, New Hyderabad, Lucknow
409 Chief Audit Max, Co-operative Societies and Panchayats New Floor Indira Bhawan, Ashok Marg, Lucknow
410 Superintending Engineer 23rd Circle Water Corporation Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
411 Project Manager Drinking Water Second Water Corporation Option section Gomti Nagar
412 Incharge charge officer, Lieutenant Officer Lt. 23 Kent Road Tikira House Lalbagh Lucknow
413 Project manager building unit IV Chandra Lok Colony Aliganj
414 Commissioner’s village development headquarters Jawahar Bhawan 10th Floor
415 Director, Uttar Pradesh State Archeology Department Chhathar floor complex Kaiserbagh
416 Director, planning anchoring envum price management division 2nd Floor Kalakankar Bhawan Old Hyderabad
417 Directorate Local Body Eighth Floor Indira Bhawan
418 Secretary / Chief, Executive Officer, District Co-operative Bank Ltd. Head Office-26 Jagadish Building Hazratganj
419 Zone-1 Office Municipal Corporation Lalbagh
420 Principal, State Industrial Training Institute AliGanj in front of Neera Nursing Home
421 Zone-2 Office Municipal and Engineer Ashbag Water Institute
422 Director, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Research Vipul block partnership building Gomti Nagar
423 Zone 3 Municipal Corporation Kapurthala tower ali ganj
424 Joint Municipal Commissioner Municipal Corporation Zone 4 Hussadiya Chauraha Gomti Nagar Lucknow
425 Executive Engineer, Anganwadi and Planning Division-6 Unit- 2 irrigation building Annexe Cantor Road
426 Zonal Officer Zone Five Municipal Corporations Alamabagh
427 Municipal Zone-6 Thakur Ganj milkundi
428 Deputy Director, Finance and Division Division Blackcorn House New Hyderabad
429 Director of state academic research and training council Nishat Ganj Lucknow
430 Regional Services Office, 6 JC Boss Marg, Lalbagh
431 Commendant, Centric Citizen’s Security Training Sitapur Road, Lucknow
432 Incharge Superintendent State Supervision Home Kishore Moha road
433 Director, Directorate Cottage and Rural Industries, Uttar Pradesh Tilak Marg Dalibagh, Lucknow
434 Superintendent of police in charge Prayag Narayan Road Gokhale Marg
435 District industry and enterprise promotion center 8 Cantt Road Kaiserbagh, Lucknow
436 Additional Commissioner, Industry, Industry Department Cantt Road Kaiserbagh, Lucknow
437 State school girl child Moti nagar
438 Director regional planning division Kala Kankar Complex Old Hyderabad
439 Executive Engineer, Anu & Planning Section 3 Irrigation building annexe
440 State Silk Farm – Ann Po-Ain Sarojini Nagar
441 Executive Engineer, Bridge Section-10 Lo Vi, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow
442 Superintending Engineer, P.M.G.Y.Y. Low0n 0V0- 96 Mahatma Gandhi Marg,
443 Anglo-Indian Schools 58 Jagat Narayan Road, Lucknow
444 District School Inspector, Secondary Education Department, 58 Jagat Narayan Road, Lucknow
445 City health officer, municipal corporation Lalbagh, Lucknow
446 Executive Engineer, Road Safety Section Lonavi 96 Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow
447 District civil welfare and rehabilitation officer Sainik Bhawan Kaiserbagh
448 Director Sainik Welfare and Rehabilitation Sainik Bhawan Kaiserbagh
449 High education visually impaired hostels hostel Diet Campus Vidya Bhawan Nishat Ganj
450 Assistant director of electrical safety directorate, Vibhuti Section 2, Gemsi Nagar, Lucknow
451 Municipal Corporation-7, A-Block Indira Nagar on Water Institute
452 Municipal corporation (headquarters) Triloki Nath Road Lalbagh
453 Chief Forest Conservator, Monitoring and Action Plan, Uttar Pradesh 17, Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow
454 Regional Manager UP to Operative Federation Ltd. Kanpur road
455 Yatrikar Unit-2, Setu Corporation, Sweet Crossroads Vividi Khand Gomti Nagar
456 Chief Conservator of Forests, Monitoring and Evaluation 17 Rana Pratap Marg, Lucknow
457 Sub-project manager bridge building unit first state Bhasa Mandi Aishbagh
458 Quality Controller Unit State Setu Corporation Limited Aishbagh
459 Public Works Department, Monitoring and Cycle Trak Building block, building building, lakhnau
460 Sub project manager bridge building unit two Vividi Khand Gomti Nagar
461 Senior inspector, legal measurement science Legal Metrology Science Alambagh, Lucknow
462 Consolidation of sub-directors Room Number-20 Collectorate
463 Principal, State Hussainabad Inter College Near Big Imam Bada Hussainabad Lucknow
464 Deputy Chief Audit Supervisory Committee and Panchayat First Floor Kailashkunj Indira Nagar Faizabad Road
465 Member Secretary / District Judge, State Legal Services Pvt. Third Floor Jawahar Bhawan, Annex Lucknow
466 Housing development properties control and concept report Neel Giri Complex Indira Nagar
467 Housing Development, Center for Excellence and Training Sector 14 Indira Nagar Lucknow
468 Supervisor Engineer Construction Section 13 Housing Development Council Neel Giri Complex Indira Nagar
469 Housing Development Global Construction and Consultancy Cell Nilgiris Complex Indira Nagar Lucknow
470 Housing Development, Quality Control and Hypothesis Clause 1 Neel Giri Complex Indira Nagar
471 Supervisor Engineer Construction Section 7 Housing Development Council Indira nagar
472 Director public power planning division Kala Kankar Complex Old Hyderabad
473 Director of Agricultural Statistics and Crop Insurance, Uttar Pradesh Madan Malviya Marg, Lucknow
474 Dairy Commissioner, Dairy Development Department Third Floor Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow
475 Literacy Alternative Education Urdu and Oriental Language 203/9 Navalullah Road
476 Joint Director, Directorate of Pension, Uttar Pradesh 8th Floor Indiravavana, Lakhnau
477 Survey Commissioner Waqf, Minority Welfare and Wak Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow
478 Director, Directorate of Town, Land Cemetery, Uttar Pradesh 917 Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow
479 Director, Secondary Education (UP) 18-Park Road, Opposite Civil Hospital, Lucknow
480 Joint agricultural director of research and survey Kausi Bhavan Pundit Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
481 Prospector and Hypnosis Section-2-7, Rajajipur AVI Parishad Sector-7, Rajajipuram
482 Construction Section-11 Housing and Development Department. Office Complex 3 Floor Vrindavan Scheme
483 Property Management Function Indira Nagar AVI Parishad Bhoothnath Market, Indira Nagar
484 Co-operative Institutional Services Board 21/467 Ring Road, Indira Nagar
485 Property Manager, (Rajajipuram) Office Complex, Pancham Thal Vrindavan Scheme
486 Director long term planning division State Planning Institute, Kalaakankar Bhavan Lucknow
487 Operant Gomti Pollution Control Unit Water ConsumptionSuraj Kund Park River Back Colony
488 Uttar Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board 8 Tilak Marg, Dali Bagh, Lucknow
489 Superintending Engineer, Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Council Nilgiri Complex Indira Nagar, 2nd Floor
490 I.T.Management Planning Cell-113 L. N.V. Mahatma Gandhi Marg
491 Principal Political High School, Jugor Chinahat
492 Ad. Abhijibhai Nirvana Section-3AV Parishad Third Floor 9A Vrindavan plan-2 part-2 office complex
493 Angel. Manager, AV Council building unit 3 office co Second Floor Sector 9 Wandavan Scheme,
494 Director of backward classes welfare Indira Bhawan 10th Floor, Lucknow
495 Managing Director (Contract) U.P.Raj. Nirmani Nigam Ltd. Visvesvaraya Bhawan Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
496 Municipal Corporation-8, Duda Colony Panchamkheda Haibatpur Maawya Rae Bareli Road
497 Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Raj.Shivchakarta Ashram Intermediate Mohan Road, Bundeswar Chauraha
498 Max. Building Construction Section-12 AW Council Office Complex, 2nd Floor, Sector-9 Vrindavan Scheme
499 Architecture Section, U.P. Housing Development Council Nilgiris Complex, Indira Nagar
500 Executive Engineer Provincial Section Public Works Department 96 Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow
501 Additional Commissioner Commercial Tax Board Zone-I, Nirahi 5-Meerabai Marg
502 Regional Dairy Development Officer, Lucknow Board 517 / 4B New Hyderabad Nishatganj
503 Over. Electricity Block-1 Housing Development Program. Office Complex Bhootnath Indira Nagar
504 Temporary bridge design hypothesis Section 6, BDD-6 L. N.V. Mahatma Gandhi Marg
505 (Electricity Unit) Lucknow Q. Raja Nigam Limited Indira Gandhi Foundation, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar
506 Directorate general of medical education and training Chhata Floor Jawahar Bhawan
507 Directorate of Culture U.P. Nava Tal Jawahar Bhawan Ashok Marg
508 Electrical Maintenance Section-I Jawahar Bhawan, Lucknow
509 Uttar Housing Development Council headquarters MG Road 104, Mahatma Gandhi Marg
510 Embezzlement section, agricultural directorate Madan Mohan Malviya Marg Lucknow
511 Chief engineer public works department 9 6, M.G. Road
512 Administrator Greater Sharada Assistant Command Area Development Project 23-C Gokhale Road
513 Superintendent Engineer (V / Or) Housing Development Council Office Complex Bhootnath Indira Nagar
514 Construction Section-31 U.P. Housing Development Council Office Complex Vrindavan Scheme
515 Chief Engineer, Pact Valmiki Bhawan Deshteyya
516 Joint Director (Middle) Global Consensus Consultancy cell AW Parishad Nilgiris Complex Indira Nagar
517 State food processing technology institute 18-B, Ashok Marg
518 Head Office, U.P.Jul Corporation 6-Rana Pratap Marg
519 Vrindavan News, U.P. Housing Development Council Pancham Floor Office Complex Vrindavan Scheme Telibag
520 Principal Political High School Cot Khotla Sarojini Nagar Lucknow
521 Deputy Director Death Protection Vibhuti Block-2 Gomti Nagar Lucknow
522 Potato and vegetable vegetable development officer Zee Government Cold Level Complex Aliganj Lucknow
523 Managing Director (Personnel) U.P.R. Visvesvaraya Bhawan Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
524 Registrar Companies, Societies and Chips U.P. 3rd Floor, Vikasdeep Building, 22-Station Road
525 Director of Ayurveda Services Ninth Floor Indira Bhawan Ashok Marg Lucknow
526 Gomti Pollution Control. Unit-3 (v / o) U.P.Jal Corporation, 22-Japling Road
527 Managing Director, Government Construction Corporation Headquarters Gomti Nagar Lucknow
528 Managing Director Cell Corporate Manufacturing Corporation Ltd. Vibhuti block, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
529 Information relation department state manufacturing corporation ltd Vibhuti block Gomti Nagar Lucknow
530 Bhaurra Deoras Joint Hospital Metropolitan Lucknow
531 President State Transport Appellate Tribunal 1 Kaiserbaug Avenue Lucknow
532 Consultancy zonal division Q. Raj. Manufacturing corporation Visvesvaraya Bhawan Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
533 General Manager, Commerce Revenue Manufacturing corporation Gate Floor Headquarters Gomtis Nagar
534 Research Development, Quality Promo Cell. 96 mg road Hazratganj
535 State Agriculture Production Mandi Council Kisan Mandi Bhawan, Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
536 Uttar Pradesh State Corporation Corporation (Y) Maintenance Unit Setu Bhawan, 16 Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
537 District Manager UUP Cooperative Federation Ltd. Varaibirwa Kanpur Road, Lucknow
538 Director and chief engineer Rural Engineer Service, Jawahar Bhawan
539 Estate Management Work. Vikas Nagar Housing Development Council 8 / CP-2 Development Corporation
540 Community Health Center Kakori 02423 Community health center kakori
541 Superintending Engineer 11th Circle (ms) Public Works Department Lucknow
542 Regional tourism office Tourism Building First Floor C-13 Vipin Block Gomtis Nagar Lucknow
543 Community Health Center Mohanlalanganj Community Health Center Mohanlalganj Lucknow
544 Child Woman Clinic & Maternity Homes Red Cross Bhawan, Kaiserbagh
545 Composite news public works department 96 Mahatma Gandhi Marg,
546 Unit-18 (Electricity) Uttar Raj Raj Construction Corporation Ltd. Indira Gandhi Foundation, Gomti Nagar
547 Community Health Center, Mirageganj Mallihabad
548 High Court Unit -3 U.P.R. New High Court Campus Vibhuti Khand Gomti Nagar
549 Groundwater Department U.P. New Floor Indira Bhavan Ashok Marg
550 Rural Engineering Department, Block Lucknow Near Vikas Bhawan Sarvodaya Nagar
551 District garden officer Raj.Sithaghra Sector-G Aliganj
552 Property Management Function Amrapali scheme housing development E-5/29, 30 Amrapali Scheme, Hardoi Road
553 Construction Section-21 Upras Vikas Parishad Office Complex, 4th Floor, Sector-9 Vrindavan Scheme
554 Central Waste Shop Lucknow 33/4 Sarvapalli Marg Old Fort
555 Bridge-31st circle, public works department 96 MG route Lucknow
556 Lal Bahadur Shastri Sugarcane Farmers Association 11 Butler Road Tilak Marg Lucknow
557 General Manager, U.P. Cooperative Federation Ltd. P, cf Building 32-Station Road
558 U.P.Phushudhan Vikas Parishad Animal Husbandry Director Praangan Gokarnanath Road
559 Secretary, Technical Education Council, UP. Guru Gobind Singh basmandi crossroads Charbagh Lucknow
560 Setu hypothesis section -3 Ln NV Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Lucknow
561 Supercritical Central Store Storage Supply Division-2 Ganga Irrigation Building, Teli Bagh
562 Ext. Abhilakhnau Section-2 Sharda Canal Tilak Marg Barrel No.-17
563 Agnayan Cell-1 Uttar Pradesh State Construction Corporation Limited Visvesvaraya Bhawan, Vibhuti section of Gomtinagar, Lucknow
564 Construction Section-I 96 MG route Lucknow
565 Joint agricultural director (engine) section Krishi Bhawan, Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
566 U.P. State Setu Nigam Ltd. (Headquarters) 16-Madan Mohan Malviya Marg
567 Directorate general of family welfare 9 Jagat Narayan Road Lucknow
568 Regional Staff Training and Research Center (Prov. IIT Campus Alinganj Lucknow