There are 961 villages in the district and 540 gram panchayats.

 Block Name  S.N  G.P Name  Related Villeges
chinahat 1 juggaur juggaur
chinahat 2 mehaura mehaura
chinahat 3 sikandarapur khurd sikandarapur khurd
chinahat 4 saraayan shekh saraayan shekh
chinahat teraakhaas
chinahat 5 semara semara
chinahat 6 shaahapur
chinahat 7 nijaamapur malhaur nijaamapur malhaur
chinahat 8 devariya devariya
chinahat 9 haasemoo haasemoo
chinahat 10 laulaee laulaee
chinahat 11 bharavaara bharavaara
chinahat 12 maleshemoo maleshemoo
chinahat 13 makhadoomapur makhadoomapur
chinahat 14 kharagaapur kharagaapur
chinahat 15 baaghaamoo baaghaamoo
chinahat 16 chandiyaamoo chandiyaamoo
chinahat bhaisora
chinahat lonaapur
chinahat 17 ganeshapur rahamaanapur ganeshapur rahamaanapur
chinahat 18 naubasta kala naubasta kala
chinahat 19 dhaava dhaava
chinahat 20 anaura kala anaura kala
chinahat 21 narendee narendee
chinahat 22 papanaamoo papanaamoo
chinahat 23 uttaradhauna uttaradhauna
chinahat 24 bauroomoo bauroomoo
chinahat 25 raitha raitha
chinahat 26 dhatingara dhatingara
chinahat 27 pashchim gaanv pashchim gaanv
chinahat purava
chinahat 28 dugavar dugavar
chinahat 29 dhobela dhobela
chinahat kamalaabaad
chinahat kamalaapur
chinahat 30 sarora saraura
chinahat khatiya
chinahat 31 kodaree bhaulee kodaree bhaulee
chinahat lakshmeepur
chinahat 32 sairapur sairapur
chinahat poorabagaanv
chinahat 33 bhitaulee khurd bhitaulee khurd
chinahat 34 raayapur raayapur
chinahat 35 mutakkeepur mutakkeepur
chinahat 36 kharagapur jaageer kharagapur jaageer
chinahat mueeddeenapur
chinahat 37 tivaareepur tivaareepur
chinahat 38 saidapur jaageer saidapur jaageer
chinahat 39 mirjaapur mirjaapur
chinahat 40 alloonagar diguriya alloonagar diguriya
chinahat 41 ghaila ghaila
chinahat 42 naraharapur naraharapur
chinahat aleenagar
chinahat 43 palharee palharee
chinahat 44 pharookhaabaad pharookhaabaad
chinahat saidaapur
chinahat yog 44
B.K.T 1 musapiparee musapiparee
B.K.T  umariya
B.K.T  himmatanagar
B.K.T 2 godhana godhana
B.K.T  naraayanapur
B.K.T  kuaivarapur
B.K.T 3 kunaura shaahapur kunaura
B.K.T  shaahapur najool
B.K.T  laalapur
B.K.T 4 suvansheepur suvansheepur
B.K.T  pahupapur
B.K.T 5 atesuva atesuva
B.K.T 6 hanumantapur hanumantapur
B.K.T 7 asanaha asanaha
B.K.T  bhikhaareepur
B.K.T 8 dhilavaasee dhilavaasee
B.K.T  pattee
B.K.T  khaanapur
B.K.T 9 chandanaapur chandanaapur
B.K.T 10 aramba aramba
B.K.T 11 gohanaakhurd gohanaakhurd
B.K.T 12 shivaree shivaree
B.K.T 13 saraayan daamoo saraayan daamoo
B.K.T 14 bhagauteepur bhagauteepur
B.K.T  bhatesua
B.K.T 15 banauga banauga
B.K.T 16 bagaha bagaha
B.K.T 17 baaharagaanv baaharagaanv
B.K.T 18 sahaadatanagar gadha sahaadatanagar
B.K.T  gadha
B.K.T 19 jamakhanava jamakhanava
B.K.T 20 dudhara dudhara
B.K.T 21 akadariyaakala akadariyaakala
B.K.T 22 karaundee karaundee
B.K.T 23 usarana usarana
B.K.T 24 kishunapur kishunapur
B.K.T  karasanda
B.K.T 25 prthveenagar prthveenagar
B.K.T  akabarapur
B.K.T 26 ahamadapur kheda ahamadapur kheda
B.K.T  derava
B.K.T 27 chaandapurakhaaneepur chaandapurakhaaneepur
B.K.T 28 maadhaupur saraay usarana
B.K.T  maadhopur
B.K.T 29 raayapur raaja raayapur raaja
B.K.T 30 malookapur malookapur
B.K.T  gaurahee
B.K.T  marapa
B.K.T 31 lodhaulee ludhaulee
B.K.T  maamapur raaja
B.K.T 32 nagar chaugavaan nagar chaugavaan
B.K.T  belava
B.K.T  bahaaduraganj
B.K.T 33 paalapur paalapur
B.K.T  kamalaapur kaayarath
B.K.T  banagonva
B.K.T 34 beebeepur beebeepur
B.K.T  chakbeebeepur
B.K.T 35 daulatapur daulatapur
B.K.T  chakabanakat
B.K.T 36 jalaalapur jalaalapur
B.K.T 37 khesaraavaan khesaraavaan
B.K.T  kamalaapur sirasa
B.K.T 38 chak prthveepur chak prthveepur
B.K.T  arjoonapur
B.K.T  prthveepur (gairaabaad)
B.K.T 39 devaree rookhaara devaree rookhaara
B.K.T 40 tikaaree tikaaree
B.K.T 41 gudamba gudamba
B.K.T 42 aadhaarakheda aadhaarakheda
B.K.T 43 barakhuradaarapur barakhuradaarapur
B.K.T 44 mishrapur mishrapur
B.K.T 45 gohanaakala gohanaakala
B.K.T 46 rasoolapur kaayasth rasoolapur kaayasth
B.K.T  ajanahar kala
B.K.T 47 chandaakodar chandaakodar
B.K.T  dinakarapur jhalaua
B.K.T 48 acharaamoo acharaamoo
B.K.T 49 durjanapur durjanapur
B.K.T  raajaapur
B.K.T 50 kathavaara kathavaara
B.K.T 51 majhoriya majhoriya
B.K.T  shivakhad
B.K.T  paravatapur
B.K.T 52 haradhaurapur haradhaurapur
B.K.T  beekaamoo kala
B.K.T 53 madaareepur madaareepur
B.K.T 54 baragadeekala baragadeekala
B.K.T 55 mandaulee mandaulee
B.K.T  behadakaraudee
B.K.T 56 shivapuree shivapuree
B.K.T  bheekhamapur
B.K.T 57 sultaanapur sultaanapur
B.K.T 58 sinhaamoo sinhaamoo
B.K.T  shaahapuraraaja
B.K.T 59 sonava sonava
B.K.T  deengurapur
B.K.T 60 mishreepur mishreepur
B.K.T 61 digoee digoee
B.K.T 62 raamapur behada raamapur behada
B.K.T 63 nagavaamoo nagavaamoo kalaan
B.K.T 64 rasoolapur saadaat rasoolapur saadaat
B.K.T  mo0pur majaara
B.K.T 65 goila goila
B.K.T 66 kapaasee kapaasee
B.K.T 67 rajaulee rajaulee
B.K.T 68 paara paara
B.K.T 69 behata behata
B.K.T 70 paikaraamoo paikaraamoo
B.K.T 71 dasaulee dasaulee
B.K.T 72 basaha basaha
B.K.T 73 astee astee
B.K.T 74 bhaakhaamoo bhaakhaamoo
B.K.T 75 palaka palaka
B.K.T  saadaamoo
B.K.T 76 seevaan seevaan
B.K.T 77 kaudiyaamoo kaudiyaamoo
B.K.T  haajeechak
B.K.T 78 maanapur laala maanapur laala
B.K.T 79 phatehapur khemaree phatehapur khemaree
B.K.T  goravaamoo
B.K.T 80 baraakhemapur baraakhemapur
B.K.T 81 dhanauharee dhanauharee
B.K.T  nagavaamoo khurd
B.K.T 82 kumharaavaan kumharaavaan
B.K.T 83 gulaalapur gulaalapur
B.K.T  sarova
B.K.T 84 parasahiya parasahiya
B.K.T 85 aldamapur aldamapur
B.K.T 86 unee unee
B.K.T  hemee
B.K.T 87 dariyaapur dariyaapur
B.K.T  baajapur gangaura
B.K.T 88 pahaadapur pahaadapur
B.K.T  mo0pur saraiya
B.K.T 89 bhadasar bhadasar
B.K.T  taaranapur
B.K.T 90 parasoo parasoo
B.K.T  bhaisee
B.K.T  sinhapur
B.K.T 91 raajaapur salemapur raaja salemapur
B.K.T  malheepur
B.K.T 92 sarasavaan sarasavaan
B.K.T 93 maveekalaan maveekalaan
B.K.T  khantaaree
B.K.T 94 ataraura ataraura
B.K.T 95 mahiganva mahiganva
B.K.T 96 bharigahana bharigahana
B.K.T  haaloopur
B.K.T  raayapur baaboo
B.K.T 97 indaara indaara
B.K.T  khajuree
B.K.T 98 narosa narosa
B.K.T 99 tikaree tikaree
B.K.T  kareemanagar
B.K.T 100 subhaananagar arigavaan subhaananagar arigavaan
B.K.T  daraura
B.K.T 101 mohammadapur gadhee mohammadapur gadhee
B.K.T 102 paliya paliya
B.K.T 103 revaamoo revaamoo
B.K.T 103
maal 1 sasapan sasapan
maal 2 jamoliya jamoliya
maal 3 tilan tilan
maal 4 godava baraukee godava baraukee
maal 5 bahir bahir
maal 6 gopaalapur gopaalapur
maal  kamaaluddeen nagar
maal 7 sisavaara sisavaara
maal 8 umaraaval umaraaval
maal 9 ahidar ahidar
maal 10 rahata rahata
maal 11 tharee tharee
maal 12 saidaapur saidaapur
maal 13 aant aant
maal 14 khadasara khadasara
maal 15 badakhorava badakhorava
maal 16 gahadon gahadon
maal 17 mudiyaara mudiyaara
maal 18 ataaree ataaree
maal 19 shaahamoo naubasta naubasta
maal  shaahamoo
maal 20 roodaanakheda roodaanakheda
maal 21 karend karend
maal 22 aantagadhee saura aantagadhee saura
maal  vishunapur
maal 23 paara bhadaraahee paara bhadaraahee
maal 24 shankarapur shankarapur
maal  godhana
maal 25 saalehanagar saalehanagar
maal 26 jindaana jindaana
maal 27 basantapur basantapur
maal  bhelamapur
maal 28 mavee khurd mavee khurd
maal 29 devareegaja devareegaja
maal 30 akabarapur akabarapur
maal 31 veerapur veerapur
maal 32 raayapur raayapur
maal 33 badaiyaan badaiyaan
maal 34 tikareekala tikareekala
maal 35 baharaura baharaura
maal 36 piparee khuraakhar piparee khuraakhar
maal 37 kamaalapur lodhaura kamaalapur lodhaura
maal  dighaara
maal 38 madavaana madavaana
maal  atariya
maal 39 manjhee nikarojapur manjhee nikarojapur
maal 40 shaahapur godava shaahapur godava
maal 41 majhauva majhauva
maal 42 devaree bhaarat devaree bhaarat
maal 43 gumasena gumasena
maal 44 pakara pakara
maal 45 amalaulee amalaulee
maal  peeranagar
maal 46 kidaura kidaura
maal 47 naraayanapur naraayanapur
maal  sukkhaakheda
maal 48 raneepaara raneepaara
maal 49 naeebastee bhithaura naeebastee bhithaura
maal 50 raamanagar raamanagar
maal 51 aoomoo aoomoo
maal  sultaanapur
maal 52 danaur danaur
maal 53 gauriya gauriya
maal  jagadeeshapur bujurg
maal 54 lateephapur lateephapur
maal  gudathambha
maal 55 kolava bhanaura kolava bhanaura
maal 56 aadamapur aadamapur
maal  khakhara
maal 57 patauna patauna
maal 58 sarathara sarathara
maal 59 saibasee saibasee
maal 60 naveepanaah naveepanaah
maal  devaree daanda
maal 61 bhaanapur bhaanapur
maal  daudapur
maal  ibraahimapur
maal 62 dhakhava dhakhava
maal 63 hasanaapur hasanaapur
maal 64 maal maal
maal  naaroo
maal  biddhishyaama
maal  bhanvar
maal  gaangan baraulee
maal 65 maseedha ratan maseedha ratan
maal 66 chandavaara chandavaara
maal 67 maseedha hameer maseedha hameer
maal yog 67
Malihabad 1 gaundaamuajjamanagar gaundaamuajjamanagar
Malihabad 2 suragaula suragaula
Malihabad  rasoolaabaad
Malihabad  chondapur
Malihabad 3 bhatoiya bhatoiya
Malihabad  khushahaalapur
Malihabad 4 khadaunha khadaunha
Malihabad  pahaadapur
Malihabad 5 gadheesanjarakhaan gadheesanjarakhaan
Malihabad 6 ahamadaabaad kataulee ahamadaabaad kataulee
Malihabad 7 rasoolapur rasoolapur
Malihabad 8 maadhaupur maadhaupur
Malihabad 9 badaura badaura
Malihabad  sahajaadapur
Malihabad 10 saraavaan saraavaan
Malihabad  tikareekhurd
Malihabad  najaranagar
Malihabad 11 jauriya jauriya
Malihabad 12 tarauna tarauna
Malihabad 13 sahijana sahijana
Malihabad 14 kaithuliya kaithuliya
Malihabad 15 roosaina roosaina
Malihabad  chaina
Malihabad 16 sahilaamoo sahilaamoo
Malihabad 17 meethenagar meethenagar
Malihabad  dugaulee
Malihabad 18 alloopur alloopur
Malihabad  buddhadiya
Malihabad  sahilaabaad (gairaabaad)
Malihabad 19 habeebapur habeebapur
Malihabad 20 mandaulee mandaulee
Malihabad 21 tikaitaganj tikaitaganj
Malihabad 22 khaalisapur khaalisapur
Malihabad 23 jindaur jindaur
Malihabad 24 phatehapur phatehapur
Malihabad 25 daulatapur daulatapur
Malihabad  bhatapurava
Malihabad 26 tiragavaan tiragavaan
Malihabad 27 manakautee manakautee
Malihabad  raghuraamapur (gair aabaad)
Malihabad 28 maveekalaan maveekalaan
Malihabad 29 mahamoodanagar mahamoodanagar
Malihabad  nejaabhaaree
Malihabad 30 mujaasa mujaasa
Malihabad 31 phirojapur phirojapur
Malihabad  saradapur
Malihabad 32 mo0nagar taalukedaaree mo0nagar taalukedaaree
Malihabad 33 mo0nagar rahamatanagar mo0nagar rahamatanagar
Malihabad 34 naeebastee dhaneva naeebastee dhaneva
Malihabad 35 kanaar kanaar
Malihabad 36 kasamandeekala kasamandeekala
Malihabad 37 phatehanagar phatehanagar
Malihabad  shivadaasapur
Malihabad 38 ramagadha ramagadha
Malihabad 39 malaha malaha
Malihabad  gukhaura
Malihabad 40 kataulee kataulee
Malihabad  jamaalapur
Malihabad 41 baheliya baheliya
Malihabad  kithaeepaara
Malihabad 42 kasamandee khurd kasamandee khurd
Malihabad 43 ghusaulee ghusaulee
Malihabad 44 hataulee hataulee
Malihabad  jagadeeshapur khurd
Malihabad 45 bhadavaana bhadavaana
Malihabad  vaajidanagar
Malihabad 46 hamiraapur hamiraapur
Malihabad 47 kahala kahala
Malihabad 48 sendharava sendharava
Malihabad 49 hariharapur hariharapur
Malihabad 50 bhadesaramoo bhadesaramoo
Malihabad 51 dilaavaranagar dilaavaranagar
Malihabad 52 gosava gosava
Malihabad  terava
Malihabad  belava
Malihabad 53 eeshaapur eeshaapur
Malihabad  haasimapur
Malihabad 54 bakhtiyaaranagar bakhtiyaaranagar
Malihabad  badeejalaalapur
Malihabad 55 sherapur bhaunsa sherapur bhaunsa
Malihabad 56 kundara khurd kundara khurd
Malihabad  kundara kalaan
Malihabad 57 badeegadhee badeegadhee
Malihabad  kukaree
Malihabad 58 belagadha belagadha
Malihabad  lughausee
Malihabad 59 tilasuva tilasuva
Malihabad 60 purava purava
Malihabad 61 dulaaramoo dulaaramoo
Malihabad  bhulsee
Malihabad 62 dhedhemoo dhedhemoo
Malihabad 63 naveenagar naveenagar
Malihabad 64 datalee datalee
Malihabad  godava
Malihabad  ataura
Malihabad 65 biraahimapur biraahimapur
Malihabad  raamapur bastee
Malihabad 66 mahadoiya mahadoiya
Malihabad  bhogalaamoo
Malihabad 67 khadata khadata
Malihabad yog 67
Kakori 1 thaavar thaavar
Kakori 2 manabhauna manabhauna
Kakori  ataraulee (gairaabaad)
Kakori 3 siragaamoo siragaamoo
Kakori 4 jagataapur jagataapur
Kakori  alloopur
Kakori 5 kushabharee kushabharee
Kakori  padara
Kakori 6 goparaamoo goparaamoo
Kakori  raniyaamoo
Kakori 7 sarasanda sarasanda
Kakori  beeghaapur
Kakori 8 kaakaraabaad kaakaraabaad
Kakori 9 bansheegadhee bansheegadhee
Kakori 10 maura maura
Kakori 11 jehata jehata
Kakori 12 saitha saitha
Kakori 13 saraayan premaraaj saraayan premaraaj
Kakori  laalanagar
Kakori 14 amethiya salemapur amethiya salemapur
Kakori 15 pahiya aajamapur pahiya aajamapur
Kakori 16 mahipatamoo mahipatamoo
Kakori 17 kushamaura haluvaapur kushamaura haluvaapur
Kakori 18 e0tee0e0 Kakori e0tee0e0 Kakori
Kakori 19 saidapur maheree saidapur maheree
Kakori  chakadaadanapur
Kakori  mohideenapur
Kakori 20 salemapur pataura salemapur pataura
Kakori 21 mu0nagar paliya mu0nagar paliya
Kakori  paliya
Kakori  bidhauna
Kakori 22 dashaharee dashaharee
Kakori  raayapur
Kakori 23 sikarauree sikarauree
Kakori 24 khushahaalaganj khushahaalaganj
Kakori 25 haradoeeyaalaalanagar haradoeeyaalaalanagar
Kakori 26 shivaree shivaree
Kakori  mahataba
Kakori 27 phatehaganj phatehaganj
Kakori 28 narauna narauna
Kakori 29 sarosa-bharosa sarosa-bharosa
Kakori 30 baharoo baharoo
Kakori 31 basaraila basaraila
Kakori 32 saraayan aleepur saraayan aleepur
Kakori 33 saiphalapur saiphalapur
Kakori  soodee
Kakori  dariyaapur
Kakori 34 sherapuramoo sherapuramoo
Kakori  khaanapuramoo
Kakori 35 gosha laalapur gosha laalapur
Kakori 36 badaagaanv badaagaanv
Kakori 37 tedava tedava
Kakori  gvaalapur
Kakori 38 mubaarakapur mubaarakapur
Kakori  chakapareva
Kakori  chilaulee
Kakori 39 karajhan karajhan
Kakori  ajamatanagar
Kakori  mahamoodapur
Kakori 40 goharaamoo goharaamoo
Kakori 41 dashadoee dashadoee
Kakori  bigahoo
Kakori 42 kareemaabaad kareemaabaad
Kakori 43 bhaliya bhaliya
Kakori 44 dona dona
Kakori  natakora
Kakori 45 kusamee kusamee
Kakori  aadamapur indravaara
Kakori 46 gahalavaara gahalavaara
Kakori  revaree
Kakori 47 bhatoo jamaalapur bhatoo jamaalapur
Kakori 48 jaliyaamoo jaliyaamoo
Kakori 49 shaahapur shaahapur
Kakori 50 sakara sakara
Kakori 51 tejakishanakheda tejakishanakheda
Kakori 52 puraina puraina
Kakori  saraay muheeb (gair aabaad)
Kakori 53 ibraahimaganj ibraahimaganj
Kakori  madaarapur
Kakori 54 kathingara kathingara
Kakori  belava
Kakori 55 koodhaeentagaanv koodhaeentagaanv
Kakori 56 barakataabaad barakataabaad
Kakori yog 56
Sarojni Nagar 1 banthara banthara
Sarojni Nagar 2 bentee bentee
Sarojni Nagar 3 bhaukaapur bhaukaapur
Sarojni Nagar 4 banee banee
Sarojni Nagar 5 pahaadapur pahaadapur
Sarojni Nagar 6 saraayan shahajaadee saraayan shahajaadee
Sarojni Nagar 7 khaandedev khaandedev
Sarojni Nagar 8 ghusavalakala ghusavalakala
Sarojni Nagar  devaamoo
Sarojni Nagar 9 sevanee sevanee
Sarojni Nagar 10 hariharapur hariharapur
Sarojni Nagar  malaak
Sarojni Nagar 11 mujaphpharanagar ghusaval mujaphpharanagar ghusaval
Sarojni Nagar 12 yoosuphanagar yoosuphanagar
Sarojni Nagar 13 ahamaamoo ahamaamoo
Sarojni Nagar  aaradaunaamoo
Sarojni Nagar 14 sarasavaan sarasavaan
Sarojni Nagar 15 barauna barauna
Sarojni Nagar 16 hasanapur kevalee hasanapur kevalee
Sarojni Nagar 17 nijaamapur majhigavaan nijaamapur majhigavaan
Sarojni Nagar 18 ain ain
Sarojni Nagar 19 godaulee godaulee
Sarojni Nagar 20 naanamoo naanamoo
Sarojni Nagar 21 terava terava
Sarojni Nagar 22 naraayanapur naraayanapur
Sarojni Nagar 23 saadullaanagar saadullaanagar
Sarojni Nagar 24 kuraunee kuraunee
Sarojni Nagar 25 meeraanapur pinavat meeraanapur pinavat
Sarojni Nagar 26 neevaan neevaan
Sarojni Nagar 27 kishunapur kaudiya kishunapur kaudiya
Sarojni Nagar  jahaanaabaad
Sarojni Nagar 28 makhadoomapur kaithee makhadoomapur kaithee
Sarojni Nagar  shaahapur majhigavaan
Sarojni Nagar 29 beebeepur beebeepur
Sarojni Nagar 30 khasaravaara khasaravaara
Sarojni Nagar  dhaavaapur
Sarojni Nagar 31 kallee pashchim kallee pashchim
Sarojni Nagar 32 kallee poorab kallee poorab
Sarojni Nagar 33 biroora biroora
Sarojni Nagar ati0mahaa0 (baraulee khaleelaabaad)
34 paravar pashchim paravar pashchim
Sarojni Nagar 35 paravar poorab paravar poorab
Sarojni Nagar 36 maatee maatee
Sarojni Nagar 37 memaura memaura
Sarojni Nagar 38 khatola khatola
Sarojni Nagar  rataulee
Sarojni Nagar 39 jaiteekheda jaiteekheda
Sarojni Nagar  bhaagookheda
Sarojni Nagar 40 maunda maunda
Sarojni Nagar 41 anaura anaura
Sarojni Nagar  aleenagar sunahara
Sarojni Nagar 42 sadarauna sadarauna
Sarojni Nagar 43 samadaakheda samadaakheda
Sarojni Nagar  kaliyaakheda
Sarojni Nagar 44 pyaarepur pyaarepur
Sarojni Nagar  didhiya
Sarojni Nagar 45 bijanaur bijanaur
Sarojni Nagar 46 asharaphanagar ithuriya asharaphanagar ithuriya
Sarojni Nagar  rasoolapur ithuriya
Sarojni Nagar 47 noorapur bhadarasa noorapur bhadarasa
Sarojni Nagar  sarainya
Sarojni Nagar 48 natakur natakur
Sarojni Nagar 49 chandraaval chandraaval
Sarojni Nagar 50 kamalaapur kamalaapur
Sarojni Nagar  aleenagar khurd
Sarojni Nagar 51 piparasand piparasand
Sarojni Nagar 52 lonaha lonaha
Sarojni Nagar 53 chakaulee chakaulee
Sarojni Nagar  andhapur umaraav
Sarojni Nagar 54 behata behata
Sarojni Nagar 55 khurramapur khurramapur
Sarojni Nagar  palehada
Sarojni Nagar 56 bhatagaanv bhatagaanv
Sarojni Nagar 57 ramachaura ramachaura
Sarojni Nagar 58 daadoopur daadoopur
Sarojni Nagar 59 auraavaan auraavaan
Sarojni Nagar 60 andhapuradev andhapuradev
Sarojni Nagar 61 gadhee chunautee gadhee chunautee
Sarojni Nagar 62 amaavaan amaavaan
Sarojni Nagar 63 sahijanapur sahijanapur
Sarojni Nagar  raamadaasapur
Sarojni Nagar 64 bhadoee bhadoee
Sarojni Nagar 65 mavee padiyaana mavee padiyaana
Sarojni Nagar 66 lateephanagar lateephanagar
Sarojni Nagar 67 saidapur purahee saidapur purahee
Sarojni Nagar  daaraabanagar barakauta
Sarojni Nagar 68 raheemanagar padiyaana raheemanagar padiyaana
Sarojni Nagar  bahijanaamoo
Sarojni Nagar 69 bhatagaanv paandey bhatagaanv paandey
Sarojni Nagar  hulaasakheda
Sarojni Nagar  mirjaapur lataua
Sarojni Nagar 70 haraunee haraunee
Sarojni Nagar yog 70
Mohanlal Ganj 1 karora karora
Mohanlal Ganj 2 achaleekheda achaleekheda
Mohanlal Ganj 3 jamaalapur daduree jamaalapur daduree
Mohanlal Ganj 4 tamoriya madaarapur tamoriya madaarapur
Mohanlal Ganj  madaarapur
Mohanlal Ganj 5 kubahara kubahara
Mohanlal Ganj 6 balasinhakheda balasinhakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 7 devatee devatee
Mohanlal Ganj  gauriya khurd
Mohanlal Ganj 8 bhaundaree bhaundaree
Mohanlal Ganj 9 dhanuvaasaand dhanuvaasaand
Mohanlal Ganj 10 bhadesuva bhadesuva
Mohanlal Ganj 11 uttaragaanv uttaragaanv
Mohanlal Ganj 12 bhasanda bhasanda
Mohanlal Ganj 13 dehava dehava
Mohanlal Ganj 14 sisendee sisendee
Mohanlal Ganj 15 devariya bharosava devariya bharosava
Mohanlal Ganj 16 meeraanapur meeraanapur
Mohanlal Ganj 17 salsaamoo hilagee salsaamoo hilagee
Mohanlal Ganj  meenaapur
Mohanlal Ganj 18 kodara raayapur kodara raayapur
Mohanlal Ganj 19 indrajeetakheda indrajeetakheda
Mohanlal Ganj maoo
Mohanlal Ganj 20 purasainee purasainee
Mohanlal Ganj 21 dalauna dalauna
Mohanlal Ganj  harikansh gadhee
Mohanlal Ganj 22 khujehata khujehata
Mohanlal Ganj 23 raayabhaanakheda raayabhaanakheda
Mohanlal Ganj  dharmaavat kheda
Mohanlal Ganj  gharamangat kheda
Mohanlal Ganj 24 nagaraam nagaraam
Mohanlal Ganj 25 amava murtajaapur amava murtajaapur
Mohanlal Ganj 26 karorava karorava
Mohanlal Ganj 27 gadha gadha
Mohanlal Ganj  abbaasanagar
Mohanlal Ganj  asalamanagar
Mohanlal Ganj 28 dayaalapur dayaalapur
Mohanlal Ganj  bhajanaamoo
Mohanlal Ganj 29 mangatiya mangatiya
Mohanlal Ganj 30 virasinhapur virasinhapur
Mohanlal Ganj 31 raghunaathakheda raghunaathakheda
Mohanlal Ganj  madaareekheda
Mohanlal Ganj 32 raatee raatee
Mohanlal Ganj 33 akabarapur beneeganj akabarapur beneeganj
Mohanlal Ganj 34 bhaddeesheersh bhaddeekheda
Mohanlal Ganj  sheersh
Mohanlal Ganj  harinaamakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 35 hulaasakheda hulaasakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 36 ataraulee ataraulee
Mohanlal Ganj 37 gaura gaura
Mohanlal Ganj 38 bindauva bindauva
Mohanlal Ganj x  harinaamakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 39 daada sikandarapur daada sikandarapur
Mohanlal Ganj  gadiyaana
Mohanlal Ganj 40 kudha kudha
Mohanlal Ganj 41 parasapur ththatha parasapur ththatha
Mohanlal Ganj  gautamakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 42 jabaraulee jabaraulee
Mohanlal Ganj 43 kushamaura kushamaura
Mohanlal Ganj 44 barabaliya barabaliya
Mohanlal Ganj 45 govindapur govindapur
Mohanlal Ganj  bheelamapur
Mohanlal Ganj 46 meerakhanagar meerakhanagar
Mohanlal Ganj 47 kaanta karaundee kaanta karaundee
Mohanlal Ganj 48 salemapur achaaka salemapur achaaka
Mohanlal Ganj 49 hasanapur hasanapur
Mohanlal Ganj 50 kaneree kaneree
Mohanlal Ganj 51 chhataunee chhataunee
Mohanlal Ganj 52 dahiyar dahiyar
Mohanlal Ganj  shivagadha
Mohanlal Ganj 53 sarathua sarathua
Mohanlal Ganj  mohideenapur
Mohanlal Ganj 54 parehata parehata
Mohanlal Ganj 55 daudanagar daudanagar
Mohanlal Ganj  pooranapur
Mohanlal Ganj 56 khujaulee khujaulee
Mohanlal Ganj 57 purahiya purahiya
Mohanlal Ganj 58 dakhina shekhapur dakhina shekhapur
Mohanlal Ganj 59 laalapur laalapur
Mohanlal Ganj 60 baghauna baghauna
Mohanlal Ganj 61 nandaulee nandaulee
Mohanlal Ganj  jamoriya
Mohanlal Ganj 62 raamadaasapur raamadaasapur
Mohanlal Ganj 63 ratanapur ratanapur
Mohanlal Ganj  bhatapura
Mohanlal Ganj 64 bhagavaanapur bhagavaanapur
Mohanlal Ganj  imiliha
Mohanlal Ganj 65 aghaiya aghaiya
Mohanlal Ganj  hariharapur patasa
Mohanlal Ganj 66 nataulee nataulee
Mohanlal Ganj  khuddeekheda
Mohanlal Ganj 67 samesee samesee
Mohanlal Ganj 68 shaahamo0pur apaiya shaahamo0pur apaiya
Mohanlal Ganj  ahamadapur aajamalee
Mohanlal Ganj 69 patauna patauna
Mohanlal Ganj 70 kamaalapur bichalika kamaalapur bichalika
Mohanlal Ganj 71 utaraavaan utaraavaan
Mohanlal Ganj 72 nigohaan nigohaan
Mohanlal Ganj 73 sherapur laval sherapur laval
Mohanlal Ganj 74 baireesaalapur baireesaalapur
Mohanlal Ganj 75 karanapur karanapur
Mohanlal Ganj 76 bhaavaakheda bhaavaakheda
Mohanlal Ganj 77 udayapur udayapur
Mohanlal Ganj 78 bramhadaasapur bramhadaasapur
Mohanlal Ganj 79 raamapuragadhee jamunee raamapuragadhee jamunee
Mohanlal Ganj 80 dighaaree dighaaree
Mohanlal Ganj 81 kanakaha kanakaha
Mohanlal Ganj 82 gadhee mehadaulee gadhee
Mohanlal Ganj  mehadolee
Mohanlal Ganj 83 masteepur masteepur
Mohanlal Ganj 84 madaarapur tikara madaarapur
Mohanlal Ganj  tikara
Mohanlal Ganj yog 84
Gosain Ganj 1 bakkaas bakkaas
Gosain Ganj 2 mastemoo mastemoo
Gosain Ganj 3 maadharamoo maadharamoo kalaan
Gosain Ganj  maadharamoo khurd
Gosain Ganj  chakakanjehara
Gosain Ganj 4 dulaaramoo dulaaramoo
Gosain Ganj  dhakava
Gosain Ganj 5 churahiya churahiya
Gosain Ganj  chauraasee
Gosain Ganj 6 malookapur malookapur
Gosain Ganj 7 pahaadanagar tikariya pahaadanagar tikariya
Gosain Ganj 8 sikandarapur amoliya sikandarapur amoliya
Gosain Ganj  rakeebaabaad
Gosain Ganj 9 sonee kajehara sonee kajehara
Gosain Ganj 10 habuaapur habuaapur
Gosain Ganj  siddhapura
Gosain Ganj 11 bhatavaara bhatavaara
Gosain Ganj 12 sathavaara sathavaara
Gosain Ganj 13 magahua magahua
Gosain Ganj 14 kabeerapur kabeerapur
Gosain Ganj  muajjamanagar
Gosain Ganj 15 kaasimapur birooha kaasimapur birooha
Gosain Ganj 16 salaulee salaulee
Gosain Ganj 17 semanaapur semanaapur
Gosain Ganj  koriyaanee
Gosain Ganj 18 malaulee malaulee
Gosain Ganj 19 chaand saraayan chaand saraayan
Gosain Ganj  baliyaakheda
Gosain Ganj 20 mahamoodapur mahamoodapur
Gosain Ganj 21 baajoopur baajoopur
Gosain Ganj  bakhaaree
Gosain Ganj 22 noorapur behata noorapur behata
Gosain Ganj  sallaaheemoo
Gosain Ganj 23 phareedapur phareedapur
Gosain Ganj  daudaamoo
Gosain Ganj 24 suriyaamoo suriyaamoo
Gosain Ganj  sahasaghaat (gair aabaad)
Gosain Ganj 25 meesa meesa
Gosain Ganj 26 rasoolapur tikaniyaamoo rasoolapur tikaniyaamoo
Gosain Ganj 27 jahaangeerapur jahaangeerapur
Gosain Ganj 28 begariyaamoo begariyaamoo
Gosain Ganj  aliyaamoo
Gosain Ganj 29 nijaamapur nijaamapur
Gosain Ganj 30 gauriyaakala gauriyaakala
Gosain Ganj 31 kaajeekheda kaajeekheda
Gosain Ganj 32 sadarapur karora sadarapur karora
Gosain Ganj  saraay karora
Gosain Ganj 33 mohammadaabaad mohammadaabaad
Gosain Ganj  phatehapur
Gosain Ganj  chamarataliya
Gosain Ganj  chaugaanapur
Gosain Ganj
Gosain Ganj 34 ghusakar ghusakar
Gosain Ganj 35 dhorahara dhorahara
Gosain Ganj 36 shivalar shivalar
Gosain Ganj 37 ichavaliya pahaasa ichavaliya
Gosain Ganj  pahaasa
Gosain Ganj 38 ratiyaamoo ratiyaamoo
Gosain Ganj  jamaalapur kurmiyaan
Gosain Ganj 39 belee belee
Gosain Ganj 40 rahamatanagar rahamatanagar
Gosain Ganj  seephatanagar
Gosain Ganj  lakhapeda (gair aabaad)
Gosain Ganj 41 barooa barooa
Gosain Ganj  bastaulee
Gosain Ganj 42 salemapur salemapur
Gosain Ganj 43 mohammadapur gadhee mohammadapur gadhee
Gosain Ganj 44 gomeekheda gomeekheda
Gosain Ganj 45 mahuraakhurd mahuraakhurd
Gosain Ganj 46 hasanaapur hasanaapur
Gosain Ganj  kutubapur
Gosain Ganj 47 basarahiya basarahiya
Gosain Ganj  gadhee mustaphaabaad
Gosain Ganj 48 sekhanaapur sekhanaapur
Gosain Ganj 49 daudapur saidaapur daudapur saidaapur
Gosain Ganj 50 bastiya bastiya
Gosain Ganj 51 jaukhandee jaukhandee
Gosain Ganj 52 baharaulee baharaulee
Gosain Ganj 53 rasoolapur aashik alee rasoolapur aashik alee
Gosain Ganj  shahajaadepur
Gosain Ganj 54 ghodasaara ghodasaara
Gosain Ganj 55 aadamapur naubasta aadamapur naubasta
Gosain Ganj
Gosain Ganj 56 bajigaha bajigaha
Gosain Ganj  khvaas kheda
Gosain Ganj 57 haradoeeya haradoeeya
Gosain Ganj 58 anaiya kharagaapur anaiya kharagaapur
Gosain Ganj 59 husainaabaad dalhaapur husainaabaad dalhaapur
Gosain Ganj 60 ismaeelanagar ismaeelanagar
Gosain Ganj 61 aadamapur mitaulee aadamapur mitaulee
Gosain Ganj 62 akarahadoo akarahadoo
Gosain Ganj 63 mamee maoo mamee maoo
Gosain Ganj  sirona
Gosain Ganj 64 selhoomoo selhoomoo
Gosain Ganj  harree
Gosain Ganj 65 kapera madaarupar kapera madaarupar
Gosain Ganj  dakhinavaara
Gosain Ganj 66 astee astee
Gosain Ganj 67 panchasara panchasara
Gosain Ganj  ahamadapur ahasaanalee
Gosain Ganj 68 kevalee kevalee
Gosain Ganj 69 saraayan gudaulee saraayan gudaulee
Gosain Ganj 70 mahuraakala mahuraakala
Gosain Ganj 71 baghaulee baghaulee
Gosain Ganj  karasanda
Gosain Ganj 72 sithauleekala sithauleekala
Gosain Ganj  sithauleekhoord
Gosain Ganj 73 mohaaree kala mohaaree kala
Gosain Ganj 74 mohaareekhurd mohaareekhurd
Gosain Ganj 75 raayapur sadara raayapur
Gosain Ganj  saradaarapur
Gosain Ganj  deharaamoo
Gosain Ganj 76 bhatthee barakatanagar bhatthee barakatanagar
Gosain Ganj  tikaraajugaraaj
Gosain Ganj 77 bhauraakhurd bhauraakhurd
Gosain Ganj  bhauraakalaan
Gosain Ganj 78 semaraapeetapur semaraapeetapur
Gosain Ganj 79 deee teekar deee teekar
Gosain Ganj yog 79